What do you mean by business undertaking?

What do you understand by undertaking?

An undertaking is a job or a task you commit to. The word also can mean the profession of funeral management. … The word undertaking suggests something that involves quite a bit of work. Organizing an Oxfam hunger-day at your school is a significant undertaking, but it’s worth all the effort.

What is the difference between business and undertaking?

As nouns the difference between business and undertaking

is that business is (countable) a specific commercial enterprise or establishment while undertaking is specifically, the business of an undertaker, or the management of funerals.

What is a sentence for undertaking?

1. She discouraged me from undertaking the work. 2. Starting a new business can be a risky undertaking.

What does the word undertaking refer to in the quotation?

1. A guaranty, pledge, or promise. Gave an undertaking that he would not disclose trade secrets. noun.

What is the purpose of undertaking?

The whole purpose of undertakings is to create a binding obligation where the person giving the undertaking has no personal financial interest in the matter or transaction to which the undertaking relates.

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What are 4 examples of PCBUs?

Types of PCBUs can include:

  • public and private companies.
  • partners in a partnership.
  • sole traders and self employed people.
  • government departments and authorities.
  • associations if they have one or more employees.
  • local government councils.
  • independent schools.
  • cooperatives.

Who can be a person conducting a business or undertaking?

The term person conducting a business or undertaking or PCBU refers to the legal entity running the business or undertaking, and includes incorporated entities, sole traders, partners of a partnership and certain senior ‘officers’ of an unincorporated association.

Are you involved in any business undertaking?

A business undertaking is an institutional arrangement to conduct any type of business activity. The undertaking may be run by one person or association of persons. It may be based on formal or informal agreement among persons who undertake to run the concern.

What is an undertaking in legal terms?

An undertaking is “a promise given by one party to the Court, frequently of mandatory nature and relating to an obligation to the other party in proceedings.” Undertakings are a legally binding promise which carry severe consequences if breached.

Is an undertaking legally binding?

In most legal proceedings, parties may come across the term “undertaking”. This can sometimes cause confusion between whether or not an undertaking has as much weight as an order or an injunction issued by the Family Court. An undertaking is a promise to the Family Court. It is as binding as an order of the Court.

What is an undertaking in company law?

The word ‘Undertaking’ has been defined as ‘any business or any work or project which one engages in or attempts as an enterprise analogous to business or trade‘. The business or undertaking of the Company must be distinguished from the properties belonging to the company.

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What is the synonym of undertaking?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for undertaking. emprise, enterprise, initiative.

What do you mean by venture?

1a : an undertaking involving chance, risk, or danger especially : a speculative business enterprise. b : a venturesome act. 2 : something (such as money or property) at stake in a speculative venture. 3 obsolete : destiny, fortune, chance. at a venture.

How do I write an undertaking for a certificate?

I undertake to submit the above mentioned certificate/ document before the issue of the award letter, failing which, my candidature is liable to be rejected and I will have no claim on the fellowship/award.