How do I post a story on Business Suite on Facebook?

How do I add a story to my Business Suite on Facebook?

How to make Facebook Stories

  1. Log into the Facebook app (iOS or Android) and tap on your profile picture.
  2. Tap Create Story.
  3. Select a photo or video from your camera roll or tap the camera icon to create a visual of your own.

How do I post stories on Business Suite?

Go to Posts & Stories or Calendar to begin:

  1. Click Create Story.
  2. Select where you want to create or schedule a post for your Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, or both.
  3. Click Upload Media and add a photo or video to your story.
  4. Customize your story by cropping your media, or by adding text or stickers.

Why can’t I post a story on my Facebook business page?

If you are and if you are having problems posting stories to your key page you’ll need to change your settings. Ensure that “Allow people in your business to create posts, boost posts and see business…” is selected.

How do you post a story on a Facebook page?

How do I share a photo or video to my Page’s story on Facebook?

  1. Go to your Page and tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Create story.
  3. After you take or add your photo or video, you can tap to add a sticker, Aa to add text or to draw on it. …
  4. Tap Done, then tap Share Now to share your photo or video to your story.
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How do I post on Facebook as a business?

Create a Page post

  1. Go to Page Posts.
  2. Choose Ads Posts or Published Posts.
  3. Select Create Post.
  4. Select the type of post you want to create, and then fill in the details for the post.
  5. Choose to Only use this post for an ad or to Use this post for an ad. …
  6. Select Create Post.

What is story on Facebook business page?

With Page Stories, you can share content that represents your brand or business directly from your mobile device. Stories engage your audience and allow you to develop deeper connections in a more frequent, authentic and casual way. You can share pictures and short videos to bring your audience behind the scenes.

How do I get the Facebook Business Suite on my desktop?

To access Business Suite, log into the Facebook account associated with your business. Then, if you’re eligible, you’ll automatically be redirected to Business Suite when you visit on desktop.

What’s the difference between Facebook Business Suite and business manager?

Late 2020: Business Suite was introduced – this ahas the ability to manage the “front-end” stuff – you can schedule posts, view insights and view messages across both Facebook and Insta in one place. So Business Manager = back-end ownership and access.

How much does Facebook Business Suite cost?

Business Suite is a free tool that lets you manage your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger accounts in a single place, saving you time and simplifying how you connect with customers. Whether you’re using it on desktop or mobile, Business Suite makes it easy to view notifications and respond to messages quickly.

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Who viewed my Facebook business page story?

To see who has viewed your posts, navigate to your Facebook Story and tap the eye icon in the bottom-left of the screen. This will bring up a list of the people who have viewed your Story.