You asked: Is my registered agent address my business address?

Is the registered office the same as the business address?

What is the difference between a registered address and a business address? … A registered address is an official address that is generally used for legal correspondence and a business address is a location a company uses for general mail – often the physical address.

Can I use my registered agent address as my principal address?

A registered agent must have a physical address within the state that is open during business hours to receive your documents. … This is not the same as a mailing address, or a principal business address, each of which serve different functions depending on the state.

What is a business registration address?

Companies are required to have a registered office address and a principal place of business address. Registered office address. This is where all communications and notices to the company will be sent.

What if I don’t want to use my address for my business?

A PO Box is a good option for many small business owners who don’t want to use their home address as their business address. Your mail is secure, you can access your mail during USPS business hours, there are a range of mailbox sizes to choose from, and the rental periods are priced fairly.

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Is your business address public?

Your California business address will become part of the public record. The moment the California Secretary of State processes your filing and your LLC or corporation is officially formed, your business address will be posted on the California Secretary of State’s website for all the world to see.

Can I use virtual address for registered agent?

Can I use a CA virtual address as my Registered Agent address? No, we do not recommend it. Generally speaking, your California Registered Agent should have a real CA street address where they can receive official, legal correspondence.

Can I use my address for LLC?

Can you use your Home Address to start an LLC? Technically, yes. However, there are many risks with using your home address as your business address. Therefore, it is generally not recommended if you are serious about your business and plan to grow it now and in the future.

How do I change the registered address of my business?

The process to change the registered office in the same city is very simple. Firstly, the company must arrange a board meeting and pas a resolution about the same. The company needs to file a form INC22 with the MCA. It should be filed within 30 days of passing the board resolution.

What is the difference between a registered address and a trading address?

Registered office address – this is the address at which your company is registered at Companies House. It is where official correspondence from Companies House and HMRC will be sent. … The trading address is where your clients, bank, agents, suppliers etc send you correspondence.

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Do I need a physical address for my business?

There is one situation where a physical address is legally required: if you’re starting your business as a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, or as a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership, you will need to have a registered agent address in the state in which you’ve registered to do …