How do you politely tell someone something is none of their business?

What is another way to say none of your business?

–That’s none of your business! = Mind your own business! = Never you mind! = Fxxk/back off!

Is it rude to tell someone it’s none of your business?

4 Answers. It is rude, and even more so if you say the whole sentence and add an adjective like “goddamn” or an “f-word”: “It’s none of your goddamn business.” However, if the shop assistant is filling a form, it would be appropriate to say: “Omit that item, please.” “I prefer not to share that information.”

How do you deflect a nosy question?

10 assertive tips on dealing with nosy questions

  1. Go with your gut. …
  2. Don’t be rude back. …
  3. Use “I” statements. …
  4. Find out more if appropriate. …
  5. Say how you feel about being asked or about giving the information. …
  6. Depersonalise your answer. …
  7. Express your feelings if you want to. …
  8. Move them on.

How do you say it’s none of your business in a nice way?

If you’re asked a question you do not want to answer, and you feel like saying “none of your business”, maybe these might be a better way to be polite and convey the same idea. “I’d rather not...” means “I don’t want to…”

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Is none of your concern rude?

They are pretty much the same. And it really depends on how you say it, though it can definitely be rather rude, depending on the context. “That’s none of your concern” would be less harsh.

How do you politely refuse to answer a question?

How do you politely refuse to answer a question?

  1. “I’m sorry, but it’s personal.”
  2. “I don’t know, sorry.”
  3. “I’m not able to answer that question, sorry.”
  4. “I’m not comfortable answering this question, sorry.”

Why people say none of your business?

Telling someone “It’s none of your business”, that is rude. If you say to someone “ it’s none of my business” you are being clear ( not rude) and wise ( I think) to stay out of something that’s not yours. This is being polite and respectful.

What questions are considered rude?

As a gay man; you get a lot of rude questions:

  • Why are you gay?
  • Why did you choose to be gay?
  • Do you wish you were straight?
  • Will you be my gay BFF? I’ve always wanted someone to go shopping with.
  • Do you think you’re going to Hell?
  • Do you wish you were a woman?
  • What’s anal sex like?
  • Have you ever slept with a woman?

What do you say when someone is nosy?

It’s up to you whether or not you want to give them an answer, ignore them, or ask why they need to know whatever it is. Your comeback should be said with a smile and an even tone. If possible, use humor to soften your response, and then change the subject. Hopefully, the person will get the hint.

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