How do I add a business to my existing GST?

Can I use same GST number for multiple business?

Can I have two different businesses with one GST number? YES, WITH SINGLE GST .

What documents are needed for additional business in GST?

Any document that shows proof of ownership for the premises, such as a recent property tax receipt, a copy of the municipal khata or a copy of an electricity bill. In the case of owned property, the ownership deed/document. Any copy of a valid rent or lease agreement (as required).

How many additional place of business can be added in GST?

But within a State an entity with different branches would have single registration wherein it can declare one place as principal place of business and other branches as additional place of business.

How do I amend my GST registration?

How To Do Changes In Non-Core Fields?

  1. Go to GST home page by clicking
  2. Login with the provided credentials to GST portal.
  3. Click on ‘Services’ tab from the main menu, hover the mouse on ‘Registration’ tab under services.
  4. Click on ‘Amendment Of Registration Non-Core Fields’ to open the link.
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Do I need different GST for different business?

As per GST Law, GST authorities do not permit to operate GST Tax process with one GST registration if different types of business (different verticals) are carried on one state or different states.

Can one person take 2 GST number in same state?

More than one GSTIN can be obtained only if a person carries business in two or more States or Union Territories or carries the registration process as multiple business verticals in a single State or Union Territory as the case may be.

Is it compulsory to add additional place of business in GST?

After the registration under GST, a registered taxpayer can make changes in registration by applying the amendment of registration. Adding an additional place of business is considered a core field amendment.

Can a person apply for GST registration without pan?

Government of India under GST Law, made PAN (Permanent Account Number) of Income Tax Department mandatory to get GST registration for all except non-resident taxable person.

Can I get GST number without shop?

However, it’s not mandatory to register a company to get a GSTIN number. You can get your GSTIN as a sole proprietor or as a partnership business as well. Whatever be the type of the business, you need to provide the details of it, before proceeding with how to apply for the GSTIN number.

What is reason for additional place of business in GST?

Additional Place of business services provides registration of any business entity under the GST Law implies obtaining a unique number from the concerned tax authorities for the purpose of collecting tax on behalf of the government and to avail Input Tax Credit for the taxes on his inward supplies.

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What is additional place of business under GST?

What is the meaning of Additional place of business under GST tax system in India? … Additional Place of business is the place of business where taxpayer carries out business related activities within the State, in addition to the Principal Place of Business.

Can a proprietor have two firms under GST?

Reply— No, Regular and composition both kind of registration is not allowed from single PAN. If taxpayer wants to register in GST under composition scheme, apply from a different PAN number.

Can I add more than 5 HSN code in GST?

For including new goods and services in the GST registration, you need to type the relevant HSN codes inside the HSN codes field provided just below the Non-Core Fields. … You have to tap on it, and the relevant goods type will be added. Note:- This way you can include up to 5 goods only on your GST registration.