In Just Over A Year – Big Data Has Change Quite A Bit “When I did the research on the same topic in October 2013, the tone was completely different…” Download pdf: Big-Data-Mistakes-2014-2015.pdfRead More
Here’s the Top 8 Business Plan Mistakes. This report is based upon research on the Internet  searching for Business Plan mistakes on Google. Enjoy !Read More
100 first hits on Google searching for “Content Marketing Mistakes” – Summarized, Analyzed and Narrated. For Sales-, Marketing- and Product people with interest in Content Marketing. Topics: No clear goals Poor content quality Poor channels Not enough content No target No relevant metrics Content not shareable Not involving other departments No call to action Loudspeaker Enjoy!Read More
We’re on an exiting journey! is aiming to become the worldwide leader in Web Summaries. We’ve already seen this happen for Business Book Summaries (, and now the time has come for Business-To-Business- and Business-To-Consumer Web Content Summaries (B2B & B2C web content summaries). Read more about How It Works…Read More
Top 10 Startup Mistakes as Infographics. Click on the image or view it and download it on slideshare: More