You asked: How do I check my DNS records for Skype for business?

Which two types of DNS records are needed for Skype for Business for Office 365?

DNS requirements for Skype for Business Server

  • c.
  • D.
  • d.
  • A.
  • n.
  • +9.

How do I find my DNS server records?

How To Use NSLOOKUP to View Your DNS Records

  1. Launch Windows Command Prompt by navigating to Start > Command Prompt or via Run > CMD.
  2. Type NSLOOKUP and hit Enter. …
  3. Set the DNS Record type you wish to lookup by typing set type=## where ## is the record type, then hit Enter.

How do I set DNS records for Skype for business?

Create DNS records

  1. Log on to the DNS server, and open Server Manager.
  2. Click the Tools drop-down menu, and click DNS.
  3. In the console tree for your SIP domain, expand Forward Lookup Zones, and then expand the SIP domain in which Skype for Business Server will be installed.

Do teams need DNS?

In all cases you always need to create the necessary DNS CNAME record(s) and public certificates for the chosen domain. If you intend to deploy other Teams Connectors in other Azure regions, you will need a different DNS name for each Teams Connector and a certificate that matches that identity.

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How do I find my DNS command line?


  1. Open up the command prompt (In Windows, you can use WINDOWS KEY+R to open Run dialogue box and type cmd) …
  2. To see your current DNS settings, type ipconfig /displaydns and press Enter.
  3. To delete the entries, type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.

How do I decommission Skype for business?

This is step 4 of the following steps to decommission your on-premises environment:

  1. Move all required users from on-premises to online.
  2. Disable your hybrid configuration.
  3. Migrate hybrid application endpoints from on-premises to online.
  4. Remove your on-premises Skype for Business deployment. (This article)

What DNS records are needed for teams?

External DNS records required for email in Office 365 (Exchange Online) Email in Office 365 requires several different records. The three primary records that all customers should use are the Autodiscover, MX, and SPF records.

What is teams only mode?

Teams Only mode: Receives any chats and calls in their Teams client, regardless of where initiated. Can initiate chats and calls from Teams only. Can schedule meetings in Teams only, but can join Skype for Business or Teams meetings.

How does Skype for Business autodiscover work?

The Autodiscover service was introduced in order to address these issues. When a client application attempts to access Skype for Business Server, the Autodiscover service parses the client SIP address and then redirects that request to the appropriate pool.

What is SRV record in DNS server?

The SRV record is a Domain Name System (DNS) resource record. It’s used to identify computers hosting specific services. SRV resource records are used to locate domain controllers for Active Directory.

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What is domain name in Skype for business?

The domain is the default domain when you purchase the subscription. If you want to create a new user in Office 365 using your custom domain like, first you need to add the custom domain in your Office 365 subscription.