Why you should buy from black businesses?

Why is it important to buy from black-owned businesses?

This is what makes Black business ownership particularly important: it is a path for creating sustained, multi-generational wealth. In other words, making a point to support Black-owned businesses today can help close the racial wealth gap now, and 200 years from now.

Why are black-owned businesses less successful?

The inability of blacks to acquire general and specific business human capital through exposure to businesses owned by family members may contribute to their limited success in business ownership.

Are black-owned businesses more likely to fail?

For minorities, the numbers can be even more daunting. Eight out of 10 Black-owned businesses fail within the first 18 months. … Black-owned businesses declined by 41% between February and April 2020, compared with a 17% decline among White-owned businesses.

Why is Black business Month important?

They created National Black Business Month to highlight the importance of black-owned businesses to the economy and to communities across the country. … Black Business Month is an opportunity for all brands to look at how they do business and evaluate if they could do a better job supporting black entrepreneurs.

Why do black businesses fail?

Cash-flow issues. Even big companies with robust marketing strategies can fall prey to the lack of positive cash flow. Cash flow issues are a major culprit in the failure of Black-owned businesses.

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What is the small business failure rate?

According to statistics published in 2019 by the Small Business Administration (SBA), about twenty percent of business startups fail in the first year. About half succumb to business failure within five years. By year 10, only about 33% survive.

What does it mean to support black businesses?

When you choose to support black-owned businesses, you’re supporting black pride, unity, and self-determination. While that may be intimidating to some, it would mean the world to many families and communities. Black entrepreneurship is a tool for survival in a world that does not want to see you win.

How can I help black business?

13 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses & Organizations

  1. Start With Visibility.
  2. Ask What They Need.
  3. Be Intentional.
  4. Share With Your Social Circles.
  5. Build a Relationship.
  6. Invest In Them.
  7. Write & Share a Review.
  8. Share a Seat at The Table.

Who Started Black Business Month?

Historian John William Templeton and engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr founded National Black Business Month in August 2004 to “drive the policy agenda affecting the 2.6 million African-American businesses.” This day was founded to support and encourage African American-owned businesses in our communities.