How do I change my Amazon business account to a personal account?

How do I downgrade my Amazon business account?

How to Downgrade (Cancel) Your Professional Amazon Seller Business Account to Individual

  1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account.
  2. Go to Settings -> Account Info.
  3. Click Manage in the Your Services section of the Account Info page.
  4. Under the section that says Sell on Amazon, you should see a link that says “Downgrade”.

How do I change my Amazon account?

On Android

  1. Go to the Amazon app and tap the menu button at the top left.
  2. Scroll down the menu and open Settings.
  3. In Settings, tap on “Switch Accounts”.
  4. Choose the particular account you want to log in to.

What is the point of an Amazon business account?

With Amazon Business, you get access to hundreds of thousands of sellers who can offer business-only selection, Quantity Discounts, and access to time-saving features that help you run your business better. With Business Prime, you can unlock the best of Amazon Business.

Is there a fee for Amazon business account?

An Amazon Business account is free to create for verified businesses and offers many useful benefits like price discounts, fast delivery options, and analytics reports.

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How do I permanently delete my Amazon business account?

Sign into the account you want to close. Review the products and services associated with your account. If you still wish to proceed, select a reason in the drop-down menu, tick the box next to Yes, I want to permanently close my Amazon account and delete my data and click Close my Account.

Can you use Amazon business for personal purchases?

You can share your personal Amazon Prime membership with your business account, but you cannot use this for personal purchases. You also cannot use this to resell products that you ship directly to another customer using Amazon Business prime shipping.

What happens if I downgrade my Amazon seller account?

Downgrading from a Professional selling plan to an Individual selling may result in a change in your payment cycle. When you switch to an Individual selling plan, your current listings will continue to be available for sale unless you set them to Inactive in your Listings Status page.

Can you have 2 Amazon accounts with the same email?

What they do have is a mapping of (e-mail,password)->userID; you can create two accounts with the same e-mail address, but you will get into trouble if you try and give them the same password.

Is it illegal to make multiple Amazon accounts?

As it has already been stated, it is illegal to have more than one account on Amazon. Even though you have to apply for exemption from this rule, it might take some time. Also, you have to reach certain requirements for Amazon to allow you to set up another account.

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Can you have two Amazon accounts with the same phone number?

A mobile number can be linked to only one Amazon account. … You’ll receive an one-time passcode (OTP) to your mobile number or email address. Enter the OTP to verify that it’s your account.