Can you start a business in Ghana?

Which business can I start with Ghana cedis?

What business can I start with 500 cedis?

  1. Phone repairing. Image: Source: UGC. …
  2. Baking cakes using a gas stove. Image: Source: UGC. …
  3. Phone accessories business. Image: Source: UGC. …
  4. Women make up tools. Image: Source: UGC. …
  5. Vegetables and fruits. Image: Source: UGC.

Can a foreigner start a business in Ghana?

While all can be foreigners, one of the directors must be ordinarily resident in Ghana. The minimum paid-up share capital required to complete the incorporation process amounts to US$500,000 for a wholly foreign owned company, but this minimum is increased to US$1,000,000 for a trading company.

How much does it cost to start a business in Ghana?

For Wholly Ghanaian Owned Business (Trading), GHC 10500 will be required. For Wholly Ghanaian Owned Business (Others), GHC 1050 will be required. In the joint venture which have $200,000 minimum foreign equity, GHC 10500 will be required.

What is the most profitable business in Ghana?

Top 15 profitable business ideas in Ghana

  1. Taxi business. Taxi business will always make you money as people never stop moving around. …
  2. Catering services. Do you trust your skills in the kitchen? …
  3. Poultry farming. Image: …
  4. Home tutoring. …
  5. Fish farming. …
  6. Photography. …
  7. Frozen food shop. …
  8. Daycare services.
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What business can I start with 100 cedis?

100 Business Ideas You Can Start with 100 Ghana Cedis or Less in Ghana

  • Buy and sell domain names.
  • Buy expired domain names and resell.
  • Social media management.
  • Setting social media profiles for others.
  • Review products online.
  • Write online articles.
  • Become a Copywriter.
  • Buy and Sell Phone Credit Cards.

Is it easy to do business in Ghana?

In 2020, Ghana scored 60 points in the ease of doing business index. The country offers the most favorable business environment in West Africa.

How companies are formed in Ghana?

Establishment of Enterprises. Application for registration of a company in Ghana made directly, or through agents or solicitors, to the Registrar-General. A company is duly registered after the company’s regulations have been submitted to the registrar of companies and a certificate of incorporation issued.

What are the documents required to start a company?

Documents You Need to Start a Business in India

  • Shareholder agreement.
  • Founders agreement.
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • No objection certificate (NOC)
  • Company PAN card.
  • TIN number.
  • Non-disclosure agreement.
  • GSTIN.

How can I get business permit in Ghana?


  1. Write an application or introductory letter to the Municipal Chief Executive stating the Name of Business, Type of Business and Location of Business.
  2. Add all relevant documents (Certificate to Commence Business, Certificate of incorporation etc .if any)

How much will it cost to open a company?

Starting Up

Currently, it will set you back Rs. 7000 in government fees if you incorporate with the minimum authorised capital of Rs. 1 lakh (what most start-ups go with), but you’ll also need legal help from a lawyer or chartered accountant. Their charges depend on the level of expertise and experience.

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