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Big Data Mistakes Report 2013

100 first hits on Google searching for Big Data Mistakes – Summarized, analyzed and narrated. Top 12 list.

Big Data is a relatively new buzzword. Nevertheless, there are tons of advice on how to “do” Big Data on the Internet. In this report we have aggregated information from the Internet focused on what problems and mistakes have been made so far. I think that learning from mistakes is the best form of education. But I don’t necessarily¬†believe that you have to make all those mistakes yourself.

I hope you can avoid some common pitfalls reading this short report.


  • Lack of competence
  • Lack of goals
  • Lack of strategy and corporate support
  • Poor data quality
  • Seek data perfection
  • Aiming too high
  • Lack of change management
  • Seeking cause over correlation
  • Lack of data relevance
  • Lack of governance
  • Select the right visualizations
  • Lack of permission


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