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Posted On October 30, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Business, Featured, Reports, Slider, Technology

Startup Mistakes Report 2013

Here’s the Top 10 Startup Mistakes Report 2013. This report is based upon thoroughly research on the Internet ┬ásearching for Startup mistakes. Topics: Building something nobody wants Hiring poorly Lack of focus Failing to execute Sales & Marketing effectively Not having the right Co-founders Chasing Investors instead of Customers Not making sure you have enough money Spending too much money Failing to ask for help Ignoring social media Enjoy !Read More

Posted On October 27, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Business, Featured, Reports, Slider

Project Mistakes Report 2013

100 first hits on Google searching for Project Mistakes – Summarized, analyzed and narrated. Top 10 mistakes are listed. David Kelly (founder of IDEO) once said “Fail faster. Succeed Sooner.” That is so true, but not all of us have the time to make every major mistake to succeed. That is why we have created this report. The Top 10 Project Mistakes Report is for you as a project manager to avoid the most common mistakes already been done by others. So, why is this Top 10 list better thanRead More