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Posted On November 21, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Blog, Business, Featured, Reports, Slider

Content Marketing Mistakes Report 2013

100 first hits on Google searching for “Content Marketing Mistakes” – Summarized, Analyzed and Narrated. For Sales-, Marketing- and Product people with interest in Content Marketing. Topics: No clear goals Poor content quality Poor channels Not enough content No target No relevant metrics Content not shareable Not involving other departments No call to action Loudspeaker Enjoy!Read More

Posted On November 18, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Blog, Business

Web Content Summaries – Next Generation Biz Book Summaries?

We’re on an exiting journey! 100FirstHits.com is aiming to become the worldwide leader in Web Summaries. We’ve already seen this happen for Business Book Summaries (http://www.getabstract.com/), and now the time has come for Business-To-Business- and Business-To-Consumer Web Content Summaries (B2B & B2C web content summaries). Read more about How It Works…Read More

Posted On November 15, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Blog, Business, Featured, Infographics

Top 10 Startup Mistakes Infographics

Top 10 Startup Mistakes as Infographics. Click on the image or view it and download it on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/100FirstHits/startups-infographicsRead More
Interview about 100FirstHits’ Business Intelligence- and Big Data reports in Computer Sweden (Sweden’s leading IT-magazine). The interview is focused on the differences between BI- and Big Data projects. Read it here: http://computersweden.idg.se/2.2683/1.531063/beslutsstodstank—doden-for-big-dataRead More

Posted On November 8, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Blog, Business

The Startup Saga – Episode 1

Follow Ben and Dave on a wild ride screwing up their startup. All startup mistakes are based on the “Top 10 Startup Mistakes Report 2013” from 100FirstHits.com. Enjoy! View it on Slideshare >>Read More
100 First Hits searching for “Startups” on Slideshare. Top lists, Statistics, Graphics and Links. View it on Slideshare >>Read More

Posted On November 4, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Blog, Business, Featured

We’re On The Front Page Of Slideshare

Fantastic! We’re on the front page of Slideshare with the “10 Ways We Founders SuccessFully Screw Up Our Startups!”. You can download the full PDF report FREE of charge here: http://100firsthits.com/bi/startupmistakes.htmlRead More
Based on Aggregated Data from Google; Summarized, Analyzed and Narrated by 100FirstHits.com If you want to be 100% sure to screw up your startup, you should build something that nobody wants. But honestly, no one does that, right? Wrong! It got the highest score in the “Top 10 Startup Mistakes Report 2013” by 100FirstHits.com. We founders consistently keep starting businesses building products and services based on assumptions not tested in reality. To even enable the smallest possibility of success, we have to learn to do market research, ask as manyRead More

Posted On October 30, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Business, Featured, Reports, Slider, Technology

Startup Mistakes Report 2013

Here’s the Top 10 Startup Mistakes Report 2013. This report is based upon thoroughly research on the Internet  searching for Startup mistakes. Topics: Building something nobody wants Hiring poorly Lack of focus Failing to execute Sales & Marketing effectively Not having the right Co-founders Chasing Investors instead of Customers Not making sure you have enough money Spending too much money Failing to ask for help Ignoring social media Enjoy !Read More

Posted On October 29, 2013By Daniel GarplidIn Featured, Reports, Slider, Technology

Software Project Mistakes 2013

100 first hits on Google searching for “Software Project” Mistakes – Summarized, analyzed and narrated. Top 10 mistakes are listed. Enjoy! Topics: Time estimation Goals and Metrics Multi-tasking Throwing more people at a problem Not keeping everyone in the loop Development team establish a lot of process to slow things down Time to full effect of new team members Scope creep Quality assurance Hide bad news from managementRead More